Festivals attendance :

  •  Ticino Musica International Young Composers Academy 2019
  • OutHear New Music Week in Larissa, Greece 2019
  • Odessa Festival of Modern Art 2 Days and 2 Nights of New Music 2019
  • Ircam Manifeste 2019 (Auditor)
  • Siren Festival 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Gaudeamus 2018, Netherlands
  • Sound and Images Eastman Audio Research 2018 New York
  • Estonian Music Days 2018
  • Mixtur 2018 Barcelona , Spain
  • Ppianissimo Festival 2018, Bulgaria
  • Sound of Stockholm 2017 
  • UNM Nordisk Music Festival 2017 Iceland
  • Poznań Contemporary Music Festival 2017
  • Eufonija Festival 2017 and 2018 Serbia
  • Lerici Music Festival “Suoni Dal Golfo” 2017 Italy
  • MIXTURE 2017 Contemporary Music Festival , Barcelona,Spain
  • MUTEFEST 2016 Electronic Music Festival , Finland
  • Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival 2016 and 2017 , Iran 
  • Batumi International Contemporary Music Festival 2014 , Georgia 
  • Yerevan “Perform me” contemporary Music Festival 2014 , Armenia

List Of Works

“Gavesht II” for Klangfrorum Wien Ensemble, Commissioned by the OutHear Fest 2019, Greece

“Inside The Twisted Mind of The Mr. Sophistication”, Commissioned by K!ART Ensemble, Denmark (2019)

“The Mechanism of Growth”, Ensemble Modern, Ticino Musica Festival (2019)

“ElectroSonics” Trio Saeitenwind, Basel and Biel, Switzerland, Impuls Nue Musik (2019)

"Gavesht I" for Solo Cello, Performed by Emillie Gerar-Charest, Berlin UDK (2019)

“ Mantra” for 5 speakers, Temporeale Festival. Florence, Italy (2019) 

"Block 11" Concerto for Accordion and Large Orchestra, Łòdź, Poland (2019)

"Constructive Imaginary #2" for Trio Saeitenwind (2019)

"Māntra" for 5 Speakers Premiered at Siren Festival Gothenburg (2019)

"Human Dignity" Human Rights Project, Commissioned by Beethoven Academy, Germany (2018)  

"Old Age, Adolescence, and Infancy" for Fie Schouten's Trio Project, Gaudeamus Festival (2018)

"Saba The Wind" Performed at Slovenian Philharmonic Hall, For Saxophone and Orchestra (2018)

"Rise from the Ashes" for EAMT Chamber Orchestra, Estonian Music Days 2018

"A piece of Monologue by Samuel Beckett" for Drums-Set Solo, Transducers and Electronics, Garage Ensemble Project (2018)

"Bālkāneh" Commissioned by Eufonija Festival for Accordion and Clarinet Duo (2018)

"Gravity II" for Prepared Piano, Electronics, Mixtur Festival (2018)

"Echopraxia" for String Nonet, Commissioned by Cantus Ensmeble  (2017)

"Constructive Imaginary #1" for Accordion Duo (2017)

"SoundScapeS" For Accordion Solo, Commissioned by Eufonija Fest (2017) 

“In eternity” Commissioned by Lerici Festival Italy for Viola and Piano (2017)

"Totally Enigmatic" Dedicated to Sepia Ensemble (Poland) (2017)

"4our" for Saxophone Quartet Dedicated to Stockholm Saxophone Quartet (2016)

“Blackout” for Violin and Cello Duo Dedicated to Nivak Ensemble(2016)

"Restrictions" for String Sextet Dedicated to TSC String Ensemble of Tbilisi State Conservatory(2016)

"Metro Project" Audio-Visual piece selected by AEPEX contemporary performance(2016)

"In Memoriam" for Solo Viola dedicated to Michael Hall (2015)

“Parce Domine" for Organ,Flute,Violin,Trumpet,Timpani,orchestral chimes,Vibraphone(2015)

"WAKA" for Solo Violin Dedicated to Ken Aiso (Japan) (2016)

“Deactivating atomic bomb" for 1 Piano and 4 Performers (2015)

“Caravan" for Mixed Choir (2013)

“Haiku” for cello, Clarinet, vibraphone trio (2012)

“Elegy For The Bells” for Violin, Chimes, Piano o "Drumatic Piece" for 12 percussions (2012)

“Brainʼs Sound” Electro-Acoustic Music (2012) “Persepolis” for Piano, Violin, Cello (2013)

“From east to west” for Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass dedicated to Omnibus Ensmeble(2013)

“Gravity" for Prepared Electric Guitar and Electronics (2014) “Red and Blue Dialogues" for Clarinet Solo (2012)
“In a Trice" Theme and variation solo piano (2015) 

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